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Kansas City, Missouri

We craft luxurious soap and bath products made from high quality, natural ingredients that are not only hydrating and refreshing for your skin, they're also perfect for gifting and displaying.

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Meet the Soaper.

Hello! My name is Tara and I own Great Scot Soapery. I’m so glad you’re here. With the help of my family and support by amazing humans like you, we have turned my hobby into a small business. This has been such a fun journey that all started with a Youtube tutorial, some Anne-Marie Faiola fangirling, and finally putting my craft room to good use.

I ordered a few small bottles of oil and lye (and some really crappy mica powders). With a newly purposed craft room, a clean counter and a simple recipe from Anne-Marie Faiola, I poured my first very batch of soap. And then, after a whole lot of research, creativity, and endless hours waiting for soap to cure, I had poured 28 more batches of really good, handmade soap. But I was out of hobby cash and really had no plan for all this soap. What was I doing? Then God answered loud and clear…

My husband decided he was going on a mission trip, but with no abundance of extra cash, I didn’t think we could swing it. However, the mission would be worth it - and I just so happened to have 290 bars of soap, perfect for bringing in some extra income to fund his dream.

Want to read more of our story? Spoiler alert: I sold all of that soap, funded his entire trip, and the The Soapery has since then outgrown itself twice!


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Why People Love Us

Just received my first order of soaps! They look, smell and feel absolutely AMAZING! I can't wait to order again. Thank you for making such a great product.

Brittany H.

This soap is wonderful for dry skin. I was so blessed that a friend gave me some soap from Great Scot Soapery. Now they are my go to for soap. If you have any questions, just send us a message, Tara is very quick to reply and always very friendly. Try the soap, you will not be disappointed.

Lanna G.

High quality bars that last a long time.

Whittney R.

Super friendly and awesome customer service! I also got my order extremely fast. I love the quality of the products and definitely use them for everyone in my house. There's something for everyone here.

Colleen W.

(From Kenzie, age 13): I have used several of Great Scot Soapery's bath bombs, shower steamers, and whipped body soaps. I love them so much and they're great for my sensitive skin. They also smell amazing!!! The bath bombs don't stain your skin or your bath tub and leave your skin feeling nourished. The shower steamers don't fade too fast and they're aren't too strong either. And the body wash doesn't dry or irritate my skin. So much love for Great Scot Soapery!!! 💖

Sarah S.

Beautiful soap that smells great.

Terri T.

Awesome soap for a kiddo with major skin issues!! Love it!

Kristina S.

Her shower steamers are the best!

Catrina B.

Dropped off our order, early, before the storm hit ❤️  Best soap and best owners ever!

Irene M.

We love all your stuff! Highly recommend!

Laurie H.

Soaps are wonderful, excellent customer service! Thank you!

Karen D.

Great people! Great soap! The whole thing just makes me happy!!

Becky P.

Love the soap, love the maker of the soap and I love the reason for the soap sales!! #belikeJesus #Hishandsfeetandheart Supporting my friend and sister in Faith! Go get it girl! To God be the glory. ❤️

Jaime Z.